is prototype concept leaded by a group training enthusiasts and technical students. The purpose is to give influencers and athletes a virtual competition and networking platform by using interesting technologies. FITCON:AI is the competition engine and trademark powered by neural networks and image recognition capabillities.

Our goal is to inspire for healthy and activate lifestyle by creating contest competiton for teenagers, influencers, models and super class athletes. Enhance model visibility and promote network building in the training community with a capacity to reach out thousands from low to high famousity super class athletes and influencers worldwide.

Future belongs to health and inspiration. Our participants and active enthusiasts are they key to early concept inspiration. On demand and feedback the concepts is evolving incrementally with commercialization of micro-services and subscriptions.

FITCON:AI has thousands of models, influencers and super athletes around the globe that are participating with individual timeframe from daily, weekly to monthly etc. All participants are preparing their best shot and angle, ones the image is submitted to the cloud, FITCON:AI has then a great opportunity to catch the picture and qualify it admission to the contest by inspecting the qualities of the shot which then results in points. The top nine participants in each class are then presented to the staff who selects top three models of the day, is then posted on the

The photo shot is the actual candidate of the contest and the model is the participant that gets all the credits and award. The photoshot is usually a selfie type athletic, model inspired fitness art. Amongst many candidates a photoshot is rated by its quality properties such as selfie, angle, environment, art, body visibility and built.

Ratings and awards are set and given by the FITCON:AI and the staff after the judging process is complete. FITCON:AI returns results for each of the candidates and their picture properties propabillity. Based on the propabillity of each picture, awards and ratings are stamped on the picture itself. In other words all participants go through artificial judging, after admission to the top nine whose then choosen by the staff.

We offer currently three ways to participate,

Sign-up subscription Sign up subscription for all our participants athletes and models on Instagram. A new official release for the subscription will be soon available for our participants.

Image-tagging Follow on Instagram and tag in your images, our system will automatically grant you access judging to the contest.

Hashtags Participate by using hashtags. Tag your images with any specific official athletic hashtag and get slight chance to be awarded.

Are you a influencer, start-up or a business.

Volunteering Are you interested in volunteering for, promotion and staff. We are always looking for passionate people that would love to promote healthy lifestyle and competition.

Contribution project is open for contributors for anykind from influencers to the API developers.

Partnership We can offer from promotion, shout outs and local region cooperation with a wide range of models and athletes around the globe.

Send us a small greeting.